Uniting responsible gambling affiliates


We champion responsible gambling marketing and advertising practices, make it possible for gambling affiliate companies to influence sensible regulation and protect consumer best interest while effectively serving the market.



We are an independent trade association of companies involved in the promotion and advertisement of gambling, iGaming and sports betting. We advocate for sensible advertising regulation and consumer protection with an unwavering commitment to the online gambling industry.

  • Promotion of Competitive Gambling Markets

  • Industry Education

  • Consumer Protection, Empowerment and Choice

  • Advertising Codes of Conduct

  • Responsible Business Practices


  • We push for open and competitive online gambling markets

    We emphasize the importance of open and competitive online gambling markets to ensure consumers have access to a diverse selection of modern online gambling services. This drives product innovation, raises customer service standards and, ultimately, maximizes the consumer experience.
  • We champion the pivotal role of the gambling affiliate industry

    Our strategic initiatives offer heightened visibility, deeper comprehension and greater recognition within the gambling sector. We foster dialogue and deliver training to our members aimed to elevate business standards and uphold ethical commercial conduct. This contribution empowers our peers to champion excellence in the industry.
  • We are the critical voice that empowers consumer choice

    Millions of consumers decide where to play online through our members’ content and advertising. Our members play the leading role in the fight against offshore operators by steering consumers toward their locally licensed and regulated options.
  • We advocate for informed and thoughtful advertising policy

    We advocate for policies that strike a balance between consumer protection and the practicalities of multi-channel digital advertising. We actively engage with policymakers and legislators to impart a comprehensive understanding of the evolving digital advertising landscape.
  • We practice the highest standards in responsible gambling marketing and advertising

    Everyone loses with problem gambling. We take our responsibility to mitigate gambling-related harm seriously, especially as it relates to advertising and promotions. This is accomplished through stringent screening of advertising campaigns, content and messaging to ensure compliance with regulation, best practices and common sense.

We are committed to pursuing our mission with thoughtful dedication, intelligent advocacy and a profound sense of responsibility toward both the industry and the consumers it serves. We believe through ethical marketing and advertising practices we can do our part to prevent problem gambling and serve the commercial needs of the broader gambling industry.